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I would like to dedicate this post to our victories!! [
UPDATED >> Monday 11/19/07 @ 3:50 pm
This is a post celebrating Lisa and mine's victory over writing.

She took the C test for english for which you pass to get a C in english. It had to be 750 words, no more than 5 mispelled words, and no more than 10 grammar problems!!!! You get two chances to pass it and if you fail, that's it you fail the class.

My victory was we had a reseach paper due in history class, and he assigned it to us on the first day of class. I didn't do it till the morning it was due and I turned it in, expecting at least a C.
We just got them back today,

23/25 points. He only took off for a few grammar points but overall he liked it a lot.  

We Rule.

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My cat is hampering with my typing skills... [
UPDATED >> Friday 10/19/07 @ 7:39 am
Mood:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Music: Nightmare before christmas-what's this?
Lisa I'll have the CD of Nightmare before christmas ready soon. Do you want just the vocal songs, or do you want the entire soundtrack including instrumentals?? Let me know.

Well homecoming is coming up. I think it's next friday actually. Doesn't matter we're still going to lose but it will be fun seeing everyone there. So far: Lisa is trying to come, Danielle and her creepy boyfriend are going, my sister's coming, matt is coming (BLAH) and daniel will be there too.

It's the halfway point of the school year. I'm doing okay for right now. College is interesting, I just wish they had a wider selection of classes at ACC. I've already started looking at next semester classes and it's pretty much doomsville. (history english...etc.)

Movies I must see soon" Nightmare before christmas in 3-D, Sweeney Todd (but it doesn't come out till december!!!!!!), Enchanted (it looks really cute, I think it'd do good) I already saw Elizabeth the golden age, it was an awesome movie, Cate Blanchett played a terrific part. I went to see it with Shawna who's going to Texas Tech. She loves it up there, and parties about every weekend with them. She wanted me to go clubbing with her at first but I convinced her to go see a movie instead. (close call, sora doesn't go clubbing at all)
I'm not really doing anything for halloween except maybe watching some scary movies. Some social life I have. XP
Maybe if it was on a weekend I would go out, but since it's right in the middle of the week, it sucks. Who's got some fun halloween plans???

Okay, I'm done rambling now I'm going to get something to eat. If my cat gets off me....
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Roleplaying = Fun [
UPDATED >> Friday 03/09/07 @ 8:36 am

March 10th 2007

[intro] [information] [rules] [application / reservation]

In one brief instant everything familiar was taken. Worlds were ripped apart at the seams, swallowed by an ever-growing black vortex.

Only one world remained untouched: The world of the Greek Gods. For unknown reasons it alone survived. Of course, there may be others but without gummi ships no one will know.

Alliances will have to be made to combat the ones responsibles; alliances that no one would ever have thought would happen. Lines will be crossed. The definition of good and bad will become blurred.

What is your role?

Hey guys, if any of you are looking for a good time roleplaying, here's your chance! I don't much about this except that some of the people playing are really nice and they NEED more people. So please just check this out, because I know some of you roleplay. If you have questions, click the link or my friend rikufuu could help too. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!
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getting on the bandwagon.... [
UPDATED >> Monday 02/12/07 @ 10:56 am
[mood| happy

My Valentinr - willusmileforme
Get your own valentinr

Have at it.
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This is what happens with a sketch book, pencil and eraser, and one random girl [
UPDATED >> Friday 08/11/06 @ 11:36 am
[mood| heh heh....yeah]
[music| Lia-Tori no Uta

Well, I finally got around to scanning some of my crappy sketches. One drawing is from art class and the other two are just random people I drew. Beware, because my scanner isn't that good so you may not be able to see most of the details , and my drawing skills aren't all that great. XP

My idea of sketches.Collapse )
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Friends Only [
UPDATED >> Monday 07/17/06 @ 4:02 pm
[mood| ] awake
[music| Streets of Tommorrow

This is the new journal of trinityheart89

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Comment to be added.

*please comment/update every once in a while.
*have a few things in common with me.

That's it!
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